The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum has been considering the convergence of disruptive technologies. They recently held a workshop based on the idea that technological transformation will come not from individual emerging technologies, but rather from their interplay.

A new digital realm 

As the amount of digital data available in the world grows exponentially this is leading to the creation of a new digital realm where there will be IoT to gather data, AI to analyse it and make decisions, and agents like robots, 3D printers, etc. to execute actions in the physical world. 

Blockchain can play a crucial role by allowing to create "digital twins": unique, non-counterfeitable digital representations of the physical world – and to provide trust in data, allowing to transact in a fully digital, trustworthy way.

Secure oracles can help trust in data

Secure hardware oracles the company are being developed to get trusted data onto blockchains, notably on the convergence with IoT in supply chain use cases which rely on sensors to provide data on conditions of material along the chain. These oracles can provide trust in data by gathering data at source and then "securing" it in a blockchain.

Convergence of blockchain and AI is coming

AI and blockchain are "transversal technologies" to be used for industrial purposes: they do not exist in vacuums. Blockchain can help AI to scaling data aggregation, managing the sharing of computer resources, and in creating a more transparent and trustworthy data economy.