We have also seen a continued opening up of the mainland Chinese market to foreign investment over the last year and mainland China has now taken over the top-spot globally for inbound investment, surpassing the United States. 

On the flip side, regulation of the digital economy has become a priority for governments of all major markets – and no less so in mainland China where the authorities can be seen seeking to level certain playing fields and create a robust business environment for long-term growth.

With the Foreign Investment Law having been on the statute books for over a year with its safeguards on foreign investors’ intellectual property, and amendments having been passed to the PRC’s Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, technology-driven enterprises have much to be positive about in the world’s second largest economy.

Nevertheless, understanding the key legal and regulatory issues underpinning investment and operation in any market is crucial to success. Mainland China is no different. We therefore hope that this guide from our China team will give some necessary insights and act as a go-to resource for tech and other players investigating setting up there.