I was recently a guest speaker on the Beyond Curious podcast series hosted by LCP.

The podcast is part of a series of sessions considering AI - stretching from the psychology of AI to an excellent session on how AI will revolutionise healthcare with Ben Bray, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at King’s College London.

Our discussions focused on the legal and governance challenges raised by artificial intelligence and spanned a broad range of topics including:

  • Some of the potentially existential challenges to Large Language Models raised by data protection legislation, including the extent to which there is a legal basis to train these models on personal data and whether they can ever comply with the accuracy principle.

  • The ongoing divergence between the UK and the EU when it comes to specific regulation of AI and the question of who will create the best regulatory environment in this Split A/B test.

  • How to approach the governance of artificial intelligence within an organisation to ensure the safe, ethical and lawful use of that technology. This includes consideration of various “go to market” tools, such as explainability statements, sandbox approvals and algorithmic audit.

What is the key message for organisations? You can’t just bury your head in the sand. Artificial intelligence is not going away and will only get better, so it’s important to start to test out the technology within your organisation in order to be ready for the future.

Stream the podcast here - S1 Ep. 12 The evolving AI legal landscape by Beyond Curious with LCP (soundcloud.com)